With the shift to working remotely having become mainstream, home offices are getting more attention than ever before. Take the time out to organise your home office to increase productivity and allow you to focus more effectively on work.

Here are our top organising tips for setting up your home office and adding motivation to your day:

Be clear about your goals
Ask yourself what you plan to accomplish in this office space to ensure an optimal setup. Once you determine how you’re going to utilise the space, it becomes easier to set it up accordingly.

Plan what you need
A desk for instance is crucial to your workspace, but don’t rush to the shops just yet! Make a list of the things you need, and think it through carefully so that you don’t wind up with excess.

Utilise space effectively
Get creative with the available space to improve your work from home experience. See a niche you can use? Consider putting up some handy shelves or cabinets to store your office supplies.

Get natural light
Facing a window can prove to be beneficial for your health as natural light reduces eye strain when you’re staring at a computer or laptop all day. Looking outside the window at intervals can also alleviate your mood and keep your energy levels up.

Create a comfortable space
You’re going to be spending the best part of the day in your home office, hence making it essential to have comfortable furniture. Ensure you have an office chair that offers adequate back support, and that your workspace is cheerful yet tranquil.

Remember, less is more
Even a small space can be optimised by planning well, and not going overboard with furniture and décor. Stick to the essentials and keep your workspace clutter-free to avoid unnecessary distraction.

Plan for ample storage
Your home office will involve maintaining paperwork, in addition to essential stationery supplies and equipment such as a printer. Make sure that you provide plenty of storage to accommodate your growing business needs.

Go green
There’s nothing like some much-needed greenery to spruce up your home office on a budget. It’s believed that ‘green’ offices make people happier and more productive, which is reason enough to get some low-maintenance plants to add cheer to your space.

Plan for clients
If your line of business requires clients to visit your home office, consider cordoning off your workspace to offer you – and them – some privacy. Provide comfortable seating and some reading material to create the perfect workspace.

By planning your workspace and getting it organised, you’ll be able to enjoy working from home more and look forward to spending more time in your favourite place!

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