With the new year we get a fresh start and an opportunity to create new beginnings. This includes incorporating successful habits to ease life, by implementing them on a daily basis. There is no time like the New Year to get started by doing things differently, and doing them better. If expanding your current skill set and considering productive new habits is on your mind, read on!

Here’s our list of the top 5 habits and skills that one should acquire in 2021:

Plan your week
Take a few minutes out each Sunday to plan ahead for the upcoming week. Schedule your work such that you can also get in some ‘me time’, which is important to be able to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Planning ahead and then establishing a routine can help optimise your time like nothing else can!

Declutter your home and workspace
It’s easier to work with a clear mind when your workspace is organised and clean. This is especially important going into 2021, with working from home being the reality for a large number of individuals today. Similarly, stop clutter in its tracks around the house to get more streamlined and maximise the space available to you.

Identify a skill
Work-related skills such as machine learning, data handling, and tech advisory and analysis are being viewed as the top and most relevant skills currently. Alternately, take up a ‘general’ skill such as learning a new language or gardening, since it is both useful and fun to learn something new. Invest some time and effort in developing yourself further this new year.

Become a reader
Reading is probably one of the best ways to gain new insights and worldviews. Not only does reading take you to places you may not have been to otherwise, but it also teaches you important life lessons along the way. Whether fiction or non-fiction, pick up a book this new year and enrich your life.

Dream a little dream
While this may sound bizarre, it actually isn’t! It’s only too easy to get wrapped up in our daily routine, making it difficult to absorb new experiences and explore new vistas. More importantly, when you dream about something, be it on the personal or professional front, you are more likely to work harder to bring your dream to fruition. No dream is too small or insignificant; remember that you can turn them into reality with determination and focus.

Wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and safe New Year!

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