The COVID 19 pandemic saw restaurants shut their doors to patrons for months in an effort to curb the spread of infection. While this was a necessary move, it truly dealt a harsh hand to many eateries, big and small. As lockdowns are now gradually easing out, restaurants too have been allowed to once again welcome their customers back. Yet, getting back in the game in the current scenario can be quite a tall task. To help you out, we have listed some effective marketing hacks that can help you as a restaurateur during COVID 19.

Publicize safety measures implemented for dine-in
Customers are still wary about stepping out to eat at restaurants. One way to tackle this hurdle is by publicizing the safety measures implemented in your restaurant for COVID 19. For instance, you would want your customers to know that your staff members have their temperatures checked every morning before work and that the servers wear gloves and face masks. You might also want to publicize that your restaurant premises are regularly disinfected and thus, safe for diners. Use your advertisements to let your patrons know you take their well-being very seriously. This initiative on your part will honestly serve as a win-win situation. It will help people feel safe about stepping into your restaurant and serve as the theme for a great marketing campaign.

Turn to social media to advertise
What are most people doing in their free time as they stay cooped up at home? Well, they are surfing social media. So, it would probably be wise to step up your online presence. Use social media platforms like Facebook to reach out to a local audience through advertisements. Or, go a step ahead and use Facebook to create online adverts to promote downloads of your restaurant’s app. You may even run a fun competition on Instagram with giveaways, such as discount dinner vouchers. People will actually start sharing your restaurant pictures and hashtags on their own profiles in an effort to win. This will increase your online presence, open up a whole new audience for you, and ultimately help your restaurant flourish against the odds in these tough times.

Focus on the latest food trends
You have probably kept your menu standard all these years as that is exactly what your regular patrons have always wanted and enjoyed. However, COVID 19 might have seen even your regular customers shy away from eating out or even getting some takeaway. How do you deal with this? According to the experts, you can stay on top by keeping up with the latest trends in the food industry and promoting them in your marketing campaign. For instance, you may consider introducing vegan or keto food options on your menu. You would then want diners to know about these fabulous and trendy food options through your advertisements. This will actually get you a whole new customer base of people who prefer very select foods when eating out.

We hope that these hacks come in handy as you get ready to once again wow your existing patrons and gain some new ones. Good luck!

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