June 02, 2019

Entrepreneur word is derived from a French word “entreprende”, which means “to
undertake” and the dictionary defines- an entrepreneur is owner or manager of a
business enterprise, who by risk and initiative, attempts to make profits”.
Accordingly, Entrepreneur is someone who always searches for a change, responds
to it and then exploit it as an opportunity. So, if you are the one who is sitting at your
desk, daydreaming about starting your own venture, then this article is designed for

Today, starting a business, being the master of your own world, having to take
orders from no-one, seems an enticing idea that many people get addicted to. But,
how someone can be so sure, that he or she has that real “ready to make it big"
spirit? Well, simply look out for the signs. In this article, we enlist some traits which
confirms that you have an entrepreneur DNA.

Belief and Passion: Do you know why Steve Jobs was so successful with Apple?
Because of his belief in his idea and product. Let’s say your venture is based on
something that truly excites you, that stays with you, and you can’t get that idea out
of your head. This is the first and true sign of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are
truly passionate about what they do and are ready to walk that extra mile which can
turn their idea, and a vision into a product or service for the rest of the world. This
belief and passion help an entrepreneur through the inevitable ups and downs of
their journey.

Patience: Any new venture usually takes a minimum of 2 to 3 years to become
profitable; this duration is more about spending money than making it. Preparing to
spend more than you earn will not only help to afloat, it will also prevent one from
getting discouraged and quitting when the going gets tough.

Desire to chart your own path: Well, being an entrepreneur is often a lonely
journey. The journey can be slow and a lonely climb to the top, because you create a
path where no one exists and then drive down it through bad and good weather. So,
if you have a strong desire to lay down your own path, then it’s a strong sign of an
entrepreneur. And, if you don’t currently possess this trait, we would recommend
you develop this as much as you can. Because all entrepreneurs have a strong desire
to chart their own course. It simply means that an entrepreneur is comfortable in
doing what he or she would be going to do.

Salesmanship: If you love being a salesperson or has the ability to sell something,
then it’s another sign of an entrepreneur. The first role as an entrepreneur needs to
play is of a salesperson. How well you can sell your idea to your family, friends,
customers, investors, employees and all other stakeholders is a trait of an entrepreneur. And, if you are comfortable and enjoy being a salesperson, then
entrepreneurship is your calling!

Willingness to take Risk: If you feel comfortable with taking risks just for the sake of
your venture, it is a symptom or a sign of an entrepreneur who is ready to make it
big. An entrepreneur must be willing to put herself or himself out there and put
things on the line. As we all know that with great risk often comes great rewards, but
you must truly embrace that risk in order to achieve that.

Well, these were some of the common, yet important signs of being an
entrepreneur. In addition to this, when it comes to your venture, an entrepreneur is
ready to wear different hats, whether it is for creative work, analytical work or
financial planning. And, you are no more afraid of long working hours; you don’t find
it annoying or hectic, rather you enjoy it.

So, if you think that you possess a few or all these traits we mentioned above, and
want to start your own venture, then just go for it! But, starting a venture of your
own requires a lot of money. Well, fret not, InCred is always there to give you back-
up support once you have a few years of understanding of the market and the
business. With our customized business loans, you can solve your fund-related issues
and can set things sailing.

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