Taking an international trip at least once in their life is on every traveler’s bucket list. People
save up for years just to be able to take an international trip. Though most people plan their
trip meticulously and do their research properly, there are still some expenses that they do
not factor into their budget. For example, the tips you would have to give the servers,
parking charges, etc.

Here are the 5 expenses of an international trip that most travelers are not prepared for:

1. Exorbitant ATM fees- Most people usually trade their home country currency for the
currency of the foreign country way ahead of time. However, there is going to come
a time when you will run out of cash. If you can find an ATM that is of your bank,
then there will be no ATM fee; but it is very rare that you will travel and you will not
have to use the ATM of some other bank. Not only will you be charged a fee by your
own bank, but you will also be charged a fee by the bank of that particular ATM. If
you want to avoid these exorbitant ATM fees that do not fit into your budget, do a
search of where your bank has branches in that particular country and download an
ATM locator application on your phone.

2. Individual city taxes- If you are going to the US, then tourist taxes are included in
your hotel or resort fee and you will not have to pay these taxes until you either
check in or out of the hotel. In most European cities, the tourist taxes are extremely
high and you will not be informed of them until the last minute, which is typically
when you are checking out of the hotel and you cannot get out of paying them.
Though there is no way to avoid these taxes, you can at least research about them
and include them in your budget.

3. International roaming fees- When you are on vacation, you will get the urge to post
beautiful photographs on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or even in your
family Whatsapp group. What most people do not think about when they are
traveling, is the international roaming fee and data charges. If you are traveling to an
international destination, either buy a temporary SIM card which is available at the
airport or research about your carrier’s international fees.

4. Extra baggage fees at the airport- Sometimes, in the heat of the moment and the
excitement, we overpack our bags and have to pay the baggage fees for the extra
kilos. Unfortunately, the baggage fee is as good as a small fortune. To avoid paying
this fee, invest in a small baggage scale.

5. Wifi- In this day and age, WIFI is something we truly cannot function without.
Unfortunately, most hotels abroad charge a WIFI fee. If there isn’t free WIFI in the
hotel or resort you are staying at, you might want to invest in a pocket WIFI so you
don’t end up coughing up half of your budget on the hotel WIFI.

We hope this article gave you an insight on what kind of charges are usually hidden from
you. If you need some funds for your next international trip, we at InCred can help you out
with a travel or a personal loan. Visit our website to know more. Good luck and travel safe!

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