November 20, 2018

Sure, it’s still only the end of November – more than a month to go for Christmas. But,
judging by the way the rest of the year has flown by, blink and it will be Christmas
Eve – then begins the frenzy to find a meaningful gift for every member of the family.
Quite often, if you haven’t found a gift till then, you’ll have to settle for one
of those generic, last-minute gifts – a tie for Dad, a personalized teacup for Mom
and a t-shirt for your siblings.

But we want to make this Christmas a little different, a little more special – as
every Christmas should be. That’s why we’ve put together a list of unique and
thoughtful gifting ideas for the entire family – these gifts should bring a put
smile on the face of a loved one and also put a smile on your face when you wrap
it up & place it under the Christmas tree.

1. Dad

Most of our Dads dressed up as Santa and snuck into the house to place gifts under
the Christmas tree. Then they’d get caught (on purpose, of course) to make it
look like Santa was real. Now it’s time you became their Santa with a truly meaningful
gift. Ditch the usual wallets, belts, cufflinks, ties, and shirts for something
a little more special.

You could go for a set of premium pens, say a Sheaffer, a Cross or maybe if your
budget allows it, a Mont Blanc. If you think a pen won’t cut it, a nice watch
is another option. If your dad appreciates a good spirit, get him a bottle of
alcohol, the older and more expensive it is, the better. In line with liquor,
you could also give a drinking set complete with shot & beer glasses, cool openers,
witty coasters, and unique bottle openers – he can show them off every time he
has friends over.

2. Mom

Mom makes Christmas possible. She’ll be running around the house getting it clean,
making sweets and putting up the decorations – including the Christmas tree.
So in the true sense of Christmas, you should be giving back with a thoughtful
gift. One gift that comes to mind is a day trip to the spa that’s already paid
for – she can take a friend and just unwind! Or you could get her a foot massager,
after all, she’s always on her feet and this gift is the type that keeps giving,
massages at least. Other great ideas include jewelry, handbags, bath & beauty
hampers, etc. The cherry on the cake would be to add a family photo to the gift

3. Brothers

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets, technology, technology, technology – this is the mantra
for buying a gift for your baby or big brother. It could be a portable music
speaker, the latest game on PlayStation/Xbox, a pair of uber-cool earphones (Airpods
or some other Bluetooth enabled headsets), a decently sized drone or a virtual
reality kit. You could also go down the sporting route and get him merchandise
or memorabilia from his favorite football, basketball or Grand-Prix team.

4. Sisters

Okay, getting the gifting right for a sister can be a little difficult. If you ever
ask them what they want, they’d probably reply with ‘anything’ or ‘whatever is
fine’. If you are going to ask, you could try ‘guess what I got you this Christmas’
instead of ‘what should I get you’. Chances are they’ll blurt out what they want
in the excitement. You could also get a cosmetic set, a nice perfume, a pair
of shades or shoes.

We hope these ideas help you with your gifting this Christmas. Some of these gifts might break your budget a little, but
remember that Christmas only comes once a year and if it is going to cost a little
money to make it a memorable one, then so be it. On the other hand, if you need
funds to make all of this possible, our Personal Loans can help – just get in
touch with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, in advance.

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