June 29, 2019

Maybe you were out of town, busy with work or you just forgot to buy something for mum this
Mother’s Day. It’s cool, if ever there was anyone who understands that these things happen, it
would be your mom. However, if you’re left with an unwavering urge to make it up to her, the
following article will help you with some amazing things that you could do for her.

1. A day at the spa.

Moms are always busy with chores at home. Cooking, cleaning, and organizing; they just don’t
stop! So if you’ve missed Mother’s Day, taking mum to the spa is a great idea. It will give her a
chance to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. If you’re not free to go with her, book it for two so she
can take dad or a friend.

2. A nice family dinner.

Mothers always love it when the family is together, especially over a meal. It’s difficult these
days with the lives we live and the jobs we hold. But if it is possible, try and leave early one day
and take mum out for dinner to someplace nice. We are sure it will make up for missing out on
Mother’s Day.

3. Take her shopping.

Moms love to go shopping. Retail therapy is a great way to cover up for not being there on
Mother’s Day. Take mum to the mall and she’ll already know what she wants to buy. If she’s
not into clothes & accessories, we are sure she’ll have some bed, bath and home furnishing
items on her mind.

4. Arrange for someone to clean the house.

There are a number of apps that offer cleaning services. Just set the date and time and they’ll
send trained cleaners over who will leave your home spick and span. This will ensure mum
doesn’t have to clean the house for a couple of weeks. She can sit back and give the orders and
the cleaning crew will do it for her. Maybe she can give them some cleaning tips and vice versa!

5. Go on a little vacation.

Take the folks on a Mother’s Day weekend getaway. The family time will mean a lot for mum
and it will also give everyone a chance to escape city life for a couple of days. Mom won’t have
to cook or clean for those days too! You can go somewhere close by, maybe a hill station or
catch a plane to Goa, both are good to kick-back and relax.

We understand that all of these will cost you a good deal of money, especially if you want to do
more than one of the above. But relax, with our personal loans, you can cover the cost with
ease and give your mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift, even if it’s a couple of days late. Hope
this has been helpful, do wish mum on our behalf!

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