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June 29, 2019

So, what’s the solution then? Take an online course! In such scenarios, you can take up an online course
in your own field, or can enter into a new one. It’s the best way to move further and advance in your
career. With the help of designed online courses, you can easily upgrade or enhance your skills, learn
about the latest tools and techniques and get ahead in the rat race. And, also you can be an invaluable
resource to an organization that you are currently associated with. So, here is a brief insight on why you
should take an online course.

Study While You Work: With online courses, you don’t have to take a long break from your current job.
Most of the course modules are designed keeping in mind the professionals' work schedule so that you
can complete your chosen course in your daily spare time. Hence, you can learn to code, or develop
business acumen, learn marketing hacks at your own pace and learning style.

Adds Value to Your Resume: If you still have been banking on the traditional job experience, techniques
or tools you are considered way behind in the job market. If you take an online course of your choice or
a course which is in the trend; it shows that you are a keen learner and follows the latest job
requirement trends closely. There are so many online platforms through which you can take certificate
degree courses, and can add weight to your resume. So, if you are the one who is hoping to improve
your resume, you should focus on those courses that apply to your specific skill set. Along with this, you
can also gain ancillary skills that might make you a more enticing candidate for jobs.

Versatility: Once you get command on a particular domain, you can think of changing your current job
completely, or can start your own business too. You can become a consultant, freelancer, or an
entrepreneur; it’s all up to you. Moreover, there are some online courses which remain common across
the world, which also gives you access to international job prospects. Well, who knows that you can get
a job offer from abroad with higher pay? Now, this calls for our next point, i.e. higher pay.

Better Job Prospects: Let’s say you are an HR professional and you have to recruit candidates for Digital
marketing. And, if you don’t have any knowledge about it, how would you do that? These days
companies expect you to have a knowledge and understanding in other fields also, irrespective of the
nature or profile of your current job. So, for one, it becomes necessary to upgrade your knowledge and
skills. Well, today there are so many online platforms that provide academic pedigree, and you can stay
abreast with the latest methodologies, technologies, and trends which revolve more around your
expertise. So, if you learn the skills, you can have better job prospects in your industry.

Hike in Salary: If you are the one who is looking for a strong reason to get a hike, an online specialized
course can help you with that. Yes, with your additional skill set, you can keep yourself ahead of the rest,
and you can demand better pay in your organization.

But enrolling into high end online courses requires a major chunk of money. Well, fret not, you have us!
With InCred, you can unlock the doorway to all the top online courses. So, go on, take the first step
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