Rainy clouds are hurtling towards you and me, bringing with them much needed relief from the
sweltering heat & sunshine. Soon petrichor and pleasant pitter-patter will fill the air, signaling the arrival
of one of the most serene seasons ever – the Monsoon.

This gives people who love the rains, and even those who do not, the perfect excuse to set off on a
relaxing holiday. You can either visit places that augment the magic of the monsoon or choose dry
destinations to escape the wet for a few days. Here are a few of our top picks for a monsoon getaway –
some for the rain lovers and some for those looking to get far away from the rain clouds

1. Leh and Ladakh.

Don’t like the rains and never been to heaven on earth? Well then, it’s time you got Leh’d this monsoon!
Tucked away in the farthest corner of north India, Leh & Ladakh, collectively also known as ‘Little Tibet’,
are simply breathtaking. They are hill stations that also happen to be alpine deserts. This makes for a
surreal, awe-inspiring topography that will leave you spell-bound.

2. Munnar, Kerala.

Munnar is spellbindingly beautiful in the rains. With its winding mountain roads, cloudy tea plantations,
and rolling lush green hills, just getting there will leave you speechless. The climate around monsoon is
also very pleasant; some would even call it romantic. The best part? June to September, the period
when the region wears its best attire, is considered off-season. This means fewer people and lower

3. Valley of flowers.

The Valley of Flower is just gorgeous during the monsoon. It’s like the Swiss Alps, only right here in India.
There are over 500 species of flowers spread across 87.5 square kilometers of hilltop meadows set
against the backdrop of snow-clad mountains. The 13-kilometer trek is totally worth it and attracts many
Indian & foreign tourists during the rainy season. There are many waterfalls, holy shrines, wildlife
sanctuaries and viewpoints around the valley that make the trip much more worth it.

4. Goa.

Among many other things, Goa is mostly known for its nightlife. However, once the rains come in and
the crowds start to leave, Goa takes on a more tranquil avatar. This is the time to see and do things that
Goa is not known for. You could explore forest trails, kayak through lagoons, swim at the base of
Dudhsagar falls, drive up to the Ghats or walk on desert beaches.

5. Udaipur, Rajasthan.

The city of lakes is perfect during the Monsoon. You don’t have to deal with the scorching heat, nor do
you have to put up with the freezing cold (of the winters). Moreover, monsoon in Udaipur, and pretty
much the whole of Rajasthan, is mild with showers being light and short-lived. This allows you to
actually get out and see the lakes, the palaces and all of the attractions the city has to offer.

These were our top 5 picks for magical monsoon holiday. If they’ve got you thinking about a getaway
with the family, know that we’re always at hand to help you out with a Travel Loan that will turn those
plans into reality. Hope this has been helpful, good luck and happy travels!

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