Rate of Interest

# Product Segment Range
Personal Loans 13.99%-42%
PL Partners 13%-48%
Unsecured Business Loans 14.5%-36%
Student/ Education Loans 11.5%-15%
Secured School Finance 11%-18.35%
Loan against Properties 11%-24%
Supply Chain Finances 9%-24%
Lending to FIs 10%-18%
Structured Finance/ Escrow backed lending 9%-19%

InCred Reference Rate: 15.00% p.a.

# The Interest rate applicable to each loan account under the respective product offered to the customer shall be assessed as per internal credit norms of IFSL based on multiple risk parameters like loan amount, tenure, borrower profile, income, cash flows, borrowers repayment capacity , loan to value of the asset financed/ security cover, type of collateral security provided by the borrower and past repayment track record of the borrower, etc.