Episode 5: The Art of Networking 

Episode 4: Education Abroad in Covid times 

Why Education abroad is relevant and how is it transforming in Covid times with Head of Product and Risk at InCred, Nilanjan Chattoraj.

Episode 3: Mind Matters – Prioritizing Mental Health 

In this episode, we will speak with Ms. Labdhi Shah, a renowned psychologist and founder of Mind Route about the importance of mental well-being and how one can achieve it.

Episode 2: 5 Marketing tips for every business

Marketing in the Covid world. Tips for marketeers to sustain in these times and maximize brand visibility.

Episode 1: The Future of Marketing is Digital

With consumers being online 24×7, Digital Marketing has become the primary tool for Marketers. As we talk to Sanjay Mehta, a digital marketing Guru, and joint CEO of a leading ad agency, let us find out the power of Digital marketing and how brands can leverage it.

Behind The Mic

We are voices behind the mic. 

Bhavna Chawla

Show Host  

Digital marketeer at InCred with over 12 years experience in branding and marketing space and a flair for interesting conversations.

Sanjay Mehta

Joint CEO- Mirum Digital Agency

An author, a marketeer and a social media guru. He carries an experience of over two decades in marketing and a voice of education on social media.  

Nilanjan Chattoraj

Head of Credit Risk & Product

Nilanjan carries an experience of over a decade in fulfilling the aspirations of young Indians with Education Loans. 

Labdhi Shah

Psychologist and founder of Mind Route

Ms. Labdhi Shah followed her passion of listening to people patiently & helping out via therapy by studying the subject in depth for 7 years. 

Neeraj Shah

Linkedin Expert and Founder of Titan Masterminds

An entrepreneur & social selling strategist, Neeraj Shah has been helping entrepreneurs with effective business networking