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Biggest challenges, solved
reported personal finance as their biggest source of stress
of employees are unable to fund an emergency
of employees run out of money before the end of the month
believe that early access to their salaries can help
Why InCred Pronto?
On-Demand Salary Access:
Empower employees with flexible pay options.
Financial Training Programs:
Learn to manage finances with our specialised training courses, absolutely free!
Attract and Retain Talent:
Employees having access to salary when needed, feel more committed to their employer.
Boost Employee Productivity:
A stress-free employee is more productive and efficient in their work.
How InCred Pronto works?
Easy Setup
InCred Pronto effortlessly incorporates with the employers payroll and timekeeping system to authenticate the wages of employee users.
Salary advance with Pronto
Our App enables instant access to earned wages, provide advance fund from its own capital.
Repayment through payroll deduction
Advance fund is recovered through an employer - facilitated payroll deduction process, the only method compliant with the Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau`s Guidelines.
Employer`s dashboard